3 Powerful Ways Freelancers Can Profit From Emerging Trends – Part 3 of 3

Ok, here we are with the third installment of this series. If you’re just getting on board and missed the previous posts you can check them out here Part 1 and Part 2.

3 – Invent a trend

“Family game night” most likely a trend started by one of the big “board game” manufacturers. Not only to tie into the growing movement over keeping families connected with each other, doing fun activities together and making game play a cornerstone of family activities, but to also increase board game sales in the process.

Ok, I know… you’re  NOT a huge game manufacturer and you don’t have that kind of dough or that kind of influence.

I get that. Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to be. The trick is to take the basic concept of identifying a need and figuring out how you can apply it on a smaller scale that fits your particular market using your particular skills. It can be a simple as doing, offering, creating something slightly new/newer in your market, creating or identifying a need that others aren’t.

Here’s a cool example my wife just brought to my attention. Krandel Lee Newtons ‘Butt Sketch’. Yes you read that right. Krandel draws butts, live and in public. And of course clothed. Krandel  started his art career painting and working a West End street corner of Dallas, TX when he came up with the idea.

Long story short, the fun idea of butt sketches caught on. Before Krandel new it, he was being flown around the country appearing at trade shows, convention parties and private parties. It wasn’t long before the local and national media caught up with him and started doing stories on The Original Butt Sketch story. Now he’s even got an ‘A’ list of celebrities that have their own original butt sketches and several other artist working with him to keep up with demand. View the video below.

An example that may hit closer to home.

During a conversation with a good illustrator friend of mine not to long ago, I suggested he offer a written guarantee against missing deadlines to his clients as a hook for his marketing.  His reaction? “But, what if I DO miss a deadline?” When was the last time HE was responsible for missing a deadline? “I can’t even remember. Years.” was his response.

I know him well, he’s a real pro which is why I made the recommendation. He respects the importance of deadlines to his clients. He carefully structures his work flow in such a way that it practically guarantees meeting his deadlines. Meeting project deadlines is a given to him, and he takes it for granted.

But let’s face it, a good number of freelancers are NOT that reliable. Present company excluded of course.

You see, he’s already delivering that benefit, but he’s not promoting it to his advantage. Why not make that the hook that sets you apart?  He may as well create a promotion around this “Iron clad, miss no deadline guarantee” and reap the benefits it would surely attract. Couple this with a promise of  “satisfaction guaranteed” and he further separates himself from the pack.

As much as we hate to admit it, Artist/designers flaking out mid project leaving clients in a lurch is a pretty common experience for many clients. Turn it to your advantage.

A great many number of good artists also don’t miss deadlines. But, they’re not verbalizing it and making it a focal point to their potential clients. No one is using it BOLDLY and PROMINENTLY in their promotion to set themselves apart. He can create a trend in his market by making this small adjustment. It’s simply a selling point that can get him more gigs.

Lead with it. Set a trend in your freelance business for doing what no one else has, can, or will do.

You’re limited only by your own beliefs and creativity here. Is it easy? No, not always. But I encourage you to give it some thought. Keep an open mind and I guarantee you can come up with something no matter how small, that you can use to grow your creative business and reach new levels of success.

So, in closing, what can you convince your clients or potential clients that everybody… or that all smart people or trendy people or successful people or creative people are doing… the ‘big thing’ they’re being left out of or being left behind by or deserve and not getting? Apple certainly pulls this off with each and every new gadget they pump out. You can do the same with your services.

Share your thought’s, I’d love to hear from you.

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