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Bob VS Google and Paid VS Free

What you’ll find on Today’s Adobe Illustrator Demo:

  • How to use the appearances menu
  • How to use graphic style
  • How to use the touch type tool
  • How to save and use a gradient swatch
  • How to apply and edit a graphic style
  • Mat’s Miter tip of the day
  • A super secret code you can use at BobTeachesArt to get a five dollar discount

Paid VS Free

Bob here,

As you may know Carlos wasn’t able to join me today due to some internet problems and a faulty router. Earlier in the week I had planned on tagging a little Illustrator demo to the end of this Friday Hangout. My plan was to let everyone know I am now offering weekly Friday online classes over at BobTeachesArt. It was a pretty simple plan but sometimes even the simplest plans don’t go the way we hope they will, especially on presentation day.

I won’t trouble you with details but as those of you who do presentations know, when things are going to go wrong it usually happens ten minutes before presentation time. It’s kind of the Murphy’s law of presentations.

One of those days

Just before the start of our show things tanked, really tanked in a big Google way. Now I could sit here and complain about what a confusing mess Google Hangouts is and bash them for their lousy interface etc, etc, etc but what it really boils down to is you get what you pay for.

I was relying on a free service to make my presentation and when it failed I was up a creek. There’s no customer service, no one to call no easy explanations, no one that is going to walk me through what I need to know, nor did I have the expectation that there would be. It was a free service after all and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in business and in life, it’s free is great as long as free works.

Luckily for me

We had a small group today so it was easy to move things over to my Gotomeeting account. I should preface this by telling you I am not affiliated with Gotomeeting in any way. Gotomeeting is a paid service I use to deliver my online class and it rocks. I used Gotomeeting because it works and I hate leaving things up to chance.

Occasionally when I do run into problems they have 24 hour support with a knowledgeable service team so I’m never left stranded. I know that by paying 20 bucks a month I never have to wrestle with technical issues, my day will never be wasted trying to find work-arounds, I won’t spend wasted hours trying to understand something that isn’t clear. My time will be spent teaching my students, focusing on my lesson plans and delivering the best quality content I can deliver…. and that’s the difference between paid and free.

Friday Classes Start This Week

At, I’ve set up a special discount code for Drawn By Success listeners where you can save $5. The code is – saw u on dbs!!!

See you Friday!

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