`Baldo’ Creator Bridges Cultures with Latino Teen

'Baldo' Creator builds bridges.It ’s always a great feeling to have the support of family and friends whenever you take on anything new or that you are passionate about achieving. The same holds true when you are fortunate enough to find that same kind of support and recognition from strangers in the way of peers and the media. In this case, my local news paper The Palm Beach Post and my neighboring news paper The Miami Herald.

Additionally, as a by product of working on combining your desire to create with something you believe in and serves a bigger purpose, you’ll find that for the most part, people will be more willing to support you in your creative work and passion.

Artist are immensely passionate people, with incredibly intense focus. Your ability to create the life of your choosing is already with in you. Strive to discover how to combine your art with another passion.

And build the life of your dreams.

Here’s a recent story The Palm Beach Post ran about my work with ‘Baldo’.

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2 Responses to `Baldo’ Creator Bridges Cultures with Latino Teen

  1. Hi Carlos, I just found your blog through blogboost. I agree that having the support of people really gives you that extra boost you need to keep getting up every morning. When you’re an entrepreneur and designer it can be disheartening when much of your passion is put into your work and nobody is noticing.

  2. Hi Dennis, yes it’s true. We all struggle with this. Surround yourself with the right support, people who can see more for you than you are able to see for yourself.

    Keep pushing forward my friend and thanks for sharing your thoughts here.

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