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Finally! A Simple and Effective Solution To Making More Money This Year As An Artist

If you dread setting goals  because your track record in actually achieving any of them is a bit spotty, I’ve got great news for you! We’ve put together a simple yet powerful success blueprint that will help you get more done in the next 12 months than you’ve got done in the last 3 years. And we’ve designed it so you can jump in and start at any time.

If you’re committed to making the next 12 months the time you finally obliterate the obstacles keeping you stuck at earning a less than desirable income or working on projects that just don’t excite or inspire you, then you’re in the right place my friend.

Introducing the all NEW ‘DrawnBySuccess Artists Success Blueprint’

This simple downloadable Blueprint will help you:

  • Get clear on what you REALLY want to accomplish this year
  • Focus and prioritize your top ten ’must get done’ projects
  • Get crystal clear about what’s really holding you back from earning the money and work you want.
  • Put a 12 month plan in place that will FINALLY help get you the results you want most
  • Zero in on your ONE big idea that will propel you to achieve your best year ever

The ‘DrawnBySuccess Artist’s Success Blueprint’ is a series of 4 audios (almost 2hrs in total) and powerful worksheets created specifically to address the BIGGEST roadblocks keeping artists like you from attracting more clients and earning the income you want. It goes way beyond marketing, self-promotion and your portfolio.

It Cuts To The Absolute Truth Of:

  • Why you’re still struggling as a freelancer or why you haven’t gotten started yet
  • Why you are not charging what you’re worth
  • Why you’re not finding enough of the right clients
  • Why you’re in constant feast or famine mode.

Special Bonus!

Order the DBS Artists Success Blueprint’ now and also get access to a special 60 minute live Q&A call with Bob and Carlos. Your opportunity to ask us anything regarding your business, your goals, pricing, how to get more clients, anything having to do with you making your business better and earning more income through your art.


For a very limited time, you can get it today

for only $9.97

Not convinced this is the solution for you?

Read the comments below from other artist’s just like you who are using it.

Start getting results today!

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16 Responses to Your Artist Success Blueprint is Here

  1. Just spent the day going through the blueprint. I felt like I was going though a Tony Robbins course. It was great! It is my hope that with this blueprint I will be able to finally launch into full time professional status with my work. Maybe I’ll be able to take a break every now and then to share my progress that has been inspired from your program. Thanks for all the great work that you guys are doing!

  2. hi there! I did the survey and submitted- was I supposed to get a note back that submission was successful?
    Looking forward to the blue point, and thank you for all your work.

  3. Thanks for providing the Blueprint. I just spent the last couple of days listening to the audios, filing out the worksheets and really thinking about where I want to be with my artwork and business.

    I hope that others will take advantage of this great information and move themselves forward on their pathway to success.

    Continued Success!

  4. I accept your challenge,

    The strategies or concepts that resonate with me in recent posts I’ve
    read or interviews I’ve heard are as follows:

    1.Make goals lists and check them off when they are are done ASAP.
    2.Make time to accomplish therm
    3.Make a point of meeting people offline

    I am taking action to put these to work immediately in my business.
    I am also implementing the DBS Blueprint to make my business planning
    and implementation more concise.

    Thanks for helping me launch, measure, monitor and adjust my new
    business more effectively.

  5. Hi Carlos,

    I finally got a chance to listen to the recording (I was out of the studio the last two days) so to answer your questions:

    I did learn a lot from listening to the audio, so much so that I listened to it twice. The first action I took was to start making lists. I now have a daily and monthly To Do list that I’m sticking to. Google calendar makes it unbelievably easy to plan out my days, weeks and months and unlike a print calendar, this one will be accessible from my phone at all times.

    Why this is important: Over the Christmas break I had a lot of time to think about what I really wanted to do in my career. I was sick for 5 weeks straight, ya it sucked but it also gave me a chance to step back and take stock of my career. I can see now that my biggest problem in the last few years since I graduated, was being pulled in to many directions. So one of my goals for this year is to work on less projects at once to get more out-the-door this year.

    The second thing, actually the thing that stuck out the most for me in the interview was about not being wishy-washy with prices or charging too little to not scare off clients. I am so guilty of this mainly due to the fact that I entered the field in 2008 during the economy crash.

    The third thing that stuck out for me was the part about studying what successful people in the field you are in are doing/have done etc. I know that I did this kind of research back in school but I should get back into doing it. Also because I changed my focus from Children books to book covers and graphic novels.

    The other points made in the audio like tracking spending and being social are things I already do on a week to week basis. For example I attend (online) 3-5 industry twitter chats a week and have for the last few years. I also belong to a few other online groups that I actively participate in on a weekly basses. I also attend and exhibit at all the local conventions in my area. Striking up conversations with random strangers has never been a problem for me.

    As it is now almost 3am I should probably head off to bed. Thanks again for all your awesome work and I look forward to checking out more stuff tomorrow.

  6. Looking forward to it. I have had to listen to the podcast while working. But that was NOT the only time. I am planning on making a time slot, to hammer this out. I know it will take the alone time to get what I need. Looking forward to the throw down!

  7. I listened to the podcast twice, a ton of useful information from both, Carlos and Bob. Fun, inspired and educational. I now have my top ten goals set and am actively checking off my daily to-do list. It feels wonderful to have an organized plan for my business. Plus thanks to my one on one phone session with Carlos, I now have some great suggestions on the different avenues available to promote and sell my work.

  8. Carlos, Thanks for all your great encouragement and direction. Your blueprint has been a valuable tool in crystalizing and confirming some actions I had already been taking. It also got me on point about some areas I needed to address. Like, charging more of what the work was worth. It is intimidating even for an old veteran of the hustle, like me. Like we know however, if you don’t value your work, who will? Thanks again, Carlos and Bob.

  9. Carlos, Bob… this is such a great mental kick in the head. Thanks so much. I decided a few months ago, that I really had to knuckle down, focus and do what it took to get my career to the next level. This is such a great tool to help me do that. Looking forward to moving forward.


  10. Carlos and Bob,
    Thanks so much for putting this all together. I sat down and did my action plan and calendar for the year and I’m so excited. It got me motivated to put a lot of thought and research into my plans for the year and what needs to be accomplished when in order to make them work. In the past I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants but now I feel like I have a battle strategy and I’m prepared to jump in and be successful!

  11. Awesome stuff. Only half way through and already have a LOT to think about. The one thing that really stood out, even though I’ve heard it before, was the whole excuses thing. Just the other day I was making excuses as to why I couldn’t do something, not enough money or time…
    Thanks guys it’s been enlightening!

  12. I love your humor, and sense of community you are fostering with this. You are both so accessible, and i love when you share about your personal challenges, and even small things that are not so small, like when you choose to respond to emails!

  13. Although I didn’t make it to the call this am, I did go through the Blueprint, and it was somewhat of a breakthrough! At the very least, just to work it through, and complete it as much as I could. I found that I was able to see my own deepest direction, just by observing the way I was answering the questions, and was able to access my profound inclination as regards to creating with my most authentic voice. Having recently relocated to So Cal, after many years in the very different No Cal, this was especially valuable as regards to getting grounded and clarifying a direction. Thank you!

  14. […] A couple of years ago my good friend Carlos and I put together something called the artists blueprint. It was to help artists organize their thoughts and goals. It is a series of works sheets and audits that are designed to put your plans into action. The idea is to get artists thinking hard about what they want, organizing their goals and sticking with the plan. No matter how tempting a shiny object may seem, it’s still a shiny object unless it is a direction you plan to fully pursue. To learn more about the Blue Print and how it works check out: Your Artist Success Blueprint is Here on Drawn by Success. […]

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