5 Responses to The $2,000.00 call! Interview with Brad Gosse, Founder of Vectortoons.com

  1. Hi Carlos & Bob,
    Really enjoyed your episode with Brad Gosse.
    His shear energy and information was insightful.
    Half the time not familiar with Brad’s marketing strategies but worth hearing and thinking about.
    I enjoyed the part about meta tags and it conjured my experience with McGraw Hill where part of completing my project with them, I had to input the meta tags with information. I thought it was laborious but once again Brad’s input hit home and why this procedure is being done.
    Great episode,


  2. Paul,
    Thanks for tuning in and listening to the interview. Glad you enjoyed the interview and found the information useful.

    So having done the meta tagging at McGraw Hill, have you carried those procedures into your own workflow when creating illustrations?

    Thank again for sharing your story.

  3. WOW! That was a fantastic video call, guys! I got tons of great info about marketing, meta-data and business ideas. Brad is amazing!

  4. Hi Carlos and Bob.
    Thanks for posting the interview with Brad Gosse.
    The meta-tagging is something I had never heard of, but thanks to your show and interview with Brad, I found the location of meta-tagging in my web-site configuration. I tried it and I must have done something wrong, but I haven’t given up. I’ll try again with someone who knows more than I do. I’ve listened to this interview a few times now. Thanks again for sharing this valuable information!

  5. What an amazing interview! Let me preface everything by saying that I am THAT guy. The guy who was successful working at a studio, but once that went under, has been floundering ever since. My wife has been on me to run my own business as a business, and not a hobby. (She just became a real estate agent last year, and is a dynamo at marketing). I have already contacted Brad about working with him, and am writing down ideas about who to market to, etc. The meta-tagging reference alone was priceless, and I am going to catalog my work moving forward, and am also going to apply it to my archive.
    To put it simply, you guys have really lit a fire under my @ss, but I won’t mention you to my wife. I want her to think that I am FINALLY taking her advice.

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