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Paint Parties to Cash Flow-Interview with Artist Heidi Easley

IMG_8311Heidi Easley lost everything in 2007 and used art to heal her soul and created custom painted surfboards, selling over 1000 of them in two months. She later started successfully holding paint parties to make extra income.

100’s of paint parties later, Heidi works as a studio artist selling her cherished Day of the Dead Family Portraits, holds art parties and helps other artists see the potential in painting parties through her Paint Party Revolution workshops.

Tune in, learn from her strategies and share your thoughts in the comments section. Let me know what ideas you’ve been inspired to act on after listening to Heidi.


Art Heals Interview Series: (Starts May 9th)   

Paint Party Revolution Webinar:

Instagram: @texasartandsoul
YouTube: Texas Art & Soul

5 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

5 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

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5 Steps To Launching Your Creative Business Successfully

5 Steps To Launching Your Creative Business Successfully

In this Friday Hangout Bob Ostrom and I speak with special guest creative entrepreneur Kelly Phillips. Kelly Phillips is the CEO of Boost Interactive Media and the creator of WP Plugin Coach, the training program to help you hit it out of the park with your WordPress Website. She’ll share with us her experience of leaving…Continue Reading

Pitfalls of Avoiding the Price Conversation

Pitfalls of Avoiding the Price Conversation

Are You Avoiding the Price Conversation? Bob and I reach into the ‘ol mail bag for today’s episode and answer a question about pricing. Too often artists are shy about pricing. We talk about how to be more upfront when negotiating price and strategies you can use to offer your clients more value and a…Continue Reading

Friday Hangouts – 3 Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Clients

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What do Dating and Freelance have in Common? -Friday Hangout With Carlos and Bob –

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Growing Your Art Project Opportunities-Show Me Da Money

Want fries with that?   You’ve likely heard that question if you’ve been to any fast food joint.   In marketing circles that’s called an ‘upsell’ or ‘cross sell’. It’s a effective and POWERFUL strategy that can significantly increase your income.   So a customer or client comes to you looking for a specific product…Continue Reading