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Be the Change-Play A Bigger Game With Your Creative Talents

Just recently got back from a fantastic marketing conference in Orlando, FL that I attended with Bob Ostrom, Aleloop, Mark Simon and a few other good friends. It was great getting out and meeting so many very bright, creative, action oriented people. Some of which we’ll be working together with in the coming months. Clarity…Continue Reading

From Idea to Market-Step-By-Step with Radha Agrawal

Have you dreamed of creating your own series of interesting characters to bring to the market place, but not sure how to make it happen? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Be prepared to think BIG and discover how Super Sprowtz creator Radha Agrawal did just that.
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Interview: Happy Art and Inspiration With Artist Aleloop

Illustrator/designer/animator Alejandra ‘Aleloop’ Leibovich speaks with us about how she went from successful commercial artist working with high level clients MTV, VH1, Cartoon Network, Nicktoons just to name a few, to kick-starting a fine art career and lining up and exhibiting in 20 galleries in under 8 months through a very strategic marking effort. We discuss the power of self promotion and why artists get hung up on this very important aspect of their art business as well as many other valuable topics.
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Interview With Wine Country Artist Ann Rea

Interview With Wine Country Artist Ann Rea

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] Episode 04 of the Drawn By Success Creative Success Series features the very first interview post for 2011, my audio interview with the one and only, painter and business savvy artist Ann Rea. How she went from anxiety ridden, corporate cubicle dweller to becoming a high profile artist…Continue Reading

Fear of Failure and fear of Success: Excellent Video

What keeps you from achieving new levels of success in your creative business? Are they external reasons, your clients, the lame economy? Or, are you your worse enemy? Could it be your own mindset and perceptions? This insightful presentation by writer Elizabeth Gilbert at the 2009 TED Conference speaks to the topic of fear of…Continue Reading

In memory of Jim Rohn: Deep wisdom, uncommon sense

Business philosophy at its best Jim Rohn passed away yesterday. He was truly was one of the finest business philosophers of our time. Such simple ideas, but So very powerful and life changing. I was first introduced to his teachings 14 years ago, and the effect of his philosophies on my life have been dramatic.…Continue Reading