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Google Plus For Artists – Interview with Artists Cliff Roth and Aaron Wood

Google Plus For Artists – Interview with Artists Cliff Roth and Aaron Wood

As an artist, there seems to be no shortage of social media sites and platforms in which to connect with your audience. While trying to have an active presence on all of them all at once can seem daunting, and probably shouldn’t be your goal. Taking the time to evaluate and explore new platforms is…Continue Reading

How To Sell Your Art Through Social Media-Interview with Artist Natasha Wescoat

What I love most about working on DrawnBySuccess is doing artist interviews. I love connecting with and learning from like minded artists who are committed to defining their own success and willing to do the work necessary to achieve their goals. It’s with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to post this Hangout with artist Natasha…Continue Reading

Interview with humor Illustrator Fian Arroyo

In this Hangout episode Bob Ostrom and I interview our old friend, humor illustrator Fian Arroyo. Fian is an award winning illustrator who has been freelancing for over 26 years, and I’ve known and worked with Fian for just as long. He and I actually started out our careers around the same time in the…Continue Reading

Recharging Your Creativity-Live From Amsterdam

Sometimes we just need to unplug and need a change of scenery to re-charge the ol’ creative battery. In this entertaining, impromptu Google hangout, Bob Ostrom and I catch up with my dear friends Karen Nobel, owner and founder of ‘Kids Need More Art’, and illustrator TJ Lubrano while they vacation in Amsterdam. They befriended each…Continue Reading

‘Tundra’ Cartoonist Chad Carpenter Reveals All

This is my first post in 2013 and since the holidays. In this interview I speak with Chad Carpenter, creator of the ever popular and very funny ‘Tundra’ comic strip, and his marketing director Bill Kellogg. ‘Tundra’ is the most successful and widely distributed self-syndicated strip in the country with over 500 newspaper clients. And to me,…Continue Reading

Interview with Cartoon Illustrator Mark Marderosian

Interview with Cartoon Illustrator Mark Marderosian

Mark Marderosian is an old artist friend of mine. We met way back in 1998 when I began working for a small toy company in Framingham MA. Mark is an amazingly talented artist and one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met. Our paths have crossed many times in the years since then and I’m…Continue Reading

Interview-Delegate Your Way To Growth and Profit with Jan Korb – freelancer profit – mailers.

Do you ever think of how much more you would be able to accomplish if you only stopped doing EVERYTHING yourself and started delegating some of your tasks to others? Well, if you see yourself more as a business owner vs. a freelancer, chances are the thought has crossed your mind more than once. Delegating…Continue Reading