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Growing Your Art Project Opportunities-Show Me Da Money

Want fries with that?   You’ve likely heard that question if you’ve been to any fast food joint.   In marketing circles that’s called an ‘upsell’ or ‘cross sell’. It’s a effective and POWERFUL strategy that can significantly increase your income.   So a customer or client comes to you looking for a specific product…Continue Reading

Interview with humor Illustrator Fian Arroyo

In this Hangout episode Bob Ostrom and I interview our old friend, humor illustrator Fian Arroyo. Fian is an award winning illustrator who has been freelancing for over 26 years, and I’ve known and worked with Fian for just as long. He and I actually started out our careers around the same time in the…Continue Reading

Friday Hangouts – Q and A Week

Hey Readers, I have to say that these Friday Hangouts are quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of my week. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from you all and want to also thank you for the supportive comments you’ve sent our way. Having the opportunity to hangout with Carlos on Friday afternoons has had a…Continue Reading

5 Ways To Attract More High Paying Clients

Hey Friday Hangout Friends, This week Carlos and I get down to business and give you guys five action steps you can take to find better clients and higher paying work. We had a tough time narrowing it down to just five so we tried to pick a couple of obvious ones and a couple…Continue Reading

‘Tundra’ Cartoonist Chad Carpenter Reveals All

This is my first post in 2013 and since the holidays. In this interview I speak with Chad Carpenter, creator of the ever popular and very funny ‘Tundra’ comic strip, and his marketing director Bill Kellogg. ‘Tundra’ is the most successful and widely distributed self-syndicated strip in the country with over 500 newspaper clients. And to me,…Continue Reading

Getting Unstuck – How to Get past Your Artistic Road Blocks.

As artists we all face certain roadblocks. Whether you struggle with networking, marketing or some other part of your business you need help with, you’re not alone. In this episode Carlos and Bob identify and discuss ways we, as artists, can get past these roadblocks. Once you’ve listened to this episode we invite you to…Continue Reading

Go Big or Go Home. Interview with Plein Air Performance Painter Dan Nelson.

Go Big or Go Home. Interview with Plein Air Performance Painter Dan Nelson.

Want to make a big impact then make big art. Want to make a bigger impact then how about painting a 4 by 5 foot canvas on location in front of a crowd? Not big enough, then try an 8 by 10 foot canvas while wearing a tuxedo in front of an audience? This is…Continue Reading