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‘Tundra’ Cartoonist Chad Carpenter Reveals All

tundraThis is my first post in 2013 and since the holidays. In this interview I speak with Chad Carpenter, creator of the ever popular and very funny ‘Tundra’ comic strip, and his marketing director Bill Kellogg.

‘Tundra’ is the most successful and widely distributed self-syndicated strip in the country with over 500 newspaper clients. And to me, it’s no surprise. The strip is brilliant! We talk about how it started, how they gained momentum and build an audience, and what key principles and strategies helped in leading to their success.Continue Reading

Behind Syndication Door Secrets Revealed

I very often get questions regarding syndication, marketing, illustration, pricing and everything in between from aspiring cartoonist and illustrators. A few days ago I had one such artist contact me with some questions about her online web comic. We covered quite a bit of information so hopefully you’ll get something valuable out of our conversation.…Continue Reading