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The Power of Gratitude

Be warned, this one got me all choked up  (didn’t see that coming). Live on camera no less. “Urrhhh…. Curse you Bob Ostrom!!!” We live in a very fast paced world, often taking so much that is around us for granted, people, experiences, opportunities. As artists, we often have the opportunity to be more introspective than most.…Continue Reading

Friday Hangouts – Q and A Week

Hey Readers, I have to say that these Friday Hangouts are quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of my week. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from you all and want to also thank you for the supportive comments you’ve sent our way. Having the opportunity to hangout with Carlos on Friday afternoons has had a…Continue Reading

Free Photoshop Demo

Woohoo!! It’s on like Donkey Kong! (does anyone still that?) We are less than three days away from our free online Photoshop webinar scheduled for this Saturday December 7th at 3Pm Eastern, live with my buddy illustrator Bob Ostrom and I. And you’re invited!! FREE!!! It’s a special project Bob and I are working on and…Continue Reading

Interview with Cartoon Illustrator Mark Marderosian

Interview with Cartoon Illustrator Mark Marderosian

Mark Marderosian is an old artist friend of mine. We met way back in 1998 when I began working for a small toy company in Framingham MA. Mark is an amazingly talented artist and one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met. Our paths have crossed many times in the years since then and I’m…Continue Reading

Getting Unstuck – How to Get past Your Artistic Road Blocks.

As artists we all face certain roadblocks. Whether you struggle with networking, marketing or some other part of your business you need help with, you’re not alone. In this episode Carlos and Bob identify and discuss ways we, as artists, can get past these roadblocks. Once you’ve listened to this episode we invite you to…Continue Reading

How To Get Illustration Work – Q&A Wednesday

Welcome to another installment of Q&A Wednesday : ) I must admit, I’m having way too much fun producing these audios. This is like play time. Anyway…. Todays Q&A comes from talented artist, Velicia. Velicia is planning a transition from a full-time job as a training developer,  to a career in illustration and design. She…Continue Reading