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Paint Parties to Cash Flow-Interview with Artist Heidi Easley

IMG_8311Heidi Easley lost everything in 2007 and used art to heal her soul and created custom painted surfboards, selling over 1000 of them in two months. She later started successfully holding paint parties to make extra income.

100’s of paint parties later, Heidi works as a studio artist selling her cherished Day of the Dead Family Portraits, holds art parties and helps other artists see the potential in painting parties through her Paint Party Revolution workshops.

Tune in, learn from her strategies and share your thoughts in the comments section. Let me know what ideas you’ve been inspired to act on after listening to Heidi.


Art Heals Interview Series: (Starts May 9th)   

Paint Party Revolution Webinar:

Instagram: @texasartandsoul
YouTube: Texas Art & Soul

Where’d My Time Go? Friday Hangout with Carlos and Bob

Where’d My Time Go? Friday Hangout with Carlos and Bob

Ever have a project or something you’ve been wanting to get started or completed? You know, a new series of cool illustrations for print, or a new line of designs for licensing, or perhaps something really crazy and fun like you marketing plan?   No matter what it is, we all have things we let slip…Continue Reading

Studio Talk With Carlos and Bob

Studio Talk With Carlos and Bob

Thankyou for joining us on another episode of ‘Friday Hangouts with Carlos and Bob’ Today we talk about Bob Ostroms’ recent SCBWI North Carolina Conference event where Bob was a featured speaker. Bob shares who he met, what he learned and hints at some upcoming projects born of his attending the event. All cool stuff!…Continue Reading