Christina Merkley – Graphics Facilitator

Christina Merkley – Graphics Facilitator

In this interview Carlos and Bob speak with Graphics Facilitator Christina Merkley. If you’re not familiar with the term graphic facilitation, graphic recording or interactive graphics you should be. It is a huge and growing field that offers a host of opportunity for visual thinkers. This week’s guest Christina describes it this way,  “In a nutshell, it’s a way to help people draw out their thinking.”

Have you ever been in a meeting where the speaker drones on and on endlessly? How much of that information did you retain? Probably not much. What if instead of just listening you could also see the speakers thoughts drawn out as he or she speaks. For most people this is a much more effective way to learn and retain information. That’s why companies and speakers who are serious about transferring information often hire a graphic facilitator to accompany their meetings.

So what does it take to be a graphics facilitator? Listen to this fascinating interview with guest Christina Merkley and find out. Christina not only explains what it takes to make it as a graphics facilitator she is also a graphics facilitation coach. If you would like to learn more about Christina, graphic facilitation or graphic recording check out the links below:


International Forum of Visual Practitioners

Drawing on the back of a napkin by Dan Rome

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  1. What an interesting field. I’m not sure if I will pursue anything like this, but I definitely will take a look at it, if not simply to share with others who might be interested. Your certainly right for sharing this interview with your members, even if it might not seem artsy enough, because, you know, success leave clues, and I am very interested in being successful.

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