From Face Painting to a Six Figure Income.

From Face Painting to a Six Figure Income.

The first step in growing your business to a six figure income is to recognize that what you’re doing is not just a job, it’s a business. Denise Warner recognized that while working a fair with a friend many years ago. Denise began painting faces with her mother back in 1984. They worked her way through fairs and festivals throughout Arizona and California. Denise continued painting  faces and perfecting her craft, eventually taking over the business in 2001.

Like any other business Denise found opportunities to grow by developing a system. She trained and hired other artists, paid attention to her numbers and began understanding what contributed to her success and what didn’t. She didn’t stop there though as she became more successful Denise began coaching other face painters how to achieve similar success.

In this interview

Denise shares some of the ideas that contributed to her success. These ideas are not just for face painters but can easily apply to almost any other creative business. As artists and creatives many times we ignore the business side of what we do and focus on what we do best…. being creative. Being creative is great but unfortunately it’s rarely enough.  If you’re ready to start looking at the bigger picture and grow your business then you’ll want to listen to this interview with Denise Warner.

For more information on Denise please check out the links below. Denise conducts her face painting training sessions in Costa Mesa, Bakersfield, Palm Springs and Sacramento you can contact her at if you would like to sponsor a training session in another town.

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  1. Amazing, enlightening, eye opening. I’m going to pay more attention to my daughter and her advice!
    Den’s Mom,


  2. Great interview! love the energetic and positive guest. Great accompaniment to getting some of the dogy stuff done while it rains outside today! Thanks, Carlos and Bob.

  3. Trying to listen to this on an Android device in 2016 now that flash isn’t supported. Is there another version somewhere?

  4. Hello Craig, thanks for your interest in my interview with Denise Warner. I have installed a player option to use on your android device, you can now listen on mobile : )

    I’ll have someone go through all the posts with audio files this week and add the new player.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention, much appreciated. Let me know what you think of the interview.

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