Finding your focus as an artist- Interview with Velicia Waymer

       It doesn’t matter whether you’re an illustrator, cartoonist, painter or graphic designer, finding what to focus on in your work, your creative path is crucial to figuring out what market you best serve and the criteria on which the value of your work will be greatly determined.

In this interview

with artist Velicia Waymer she shares with us her own personal creative journey as she connects the dots on finding her creative focus/voice as an artist, her mission, her ideal clients to discovering her worth as an artist.

Her experience and insights

will apply to you and your art business as well, no matter your style or medium. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels year after year with no real traction or progress being made in your art business, you need to listen to this interview. No secrets. No magic pills. Just clear focus and determination to do what’s necessary.

Oh… and she also blind sides me in this interview and throws me for loop. And I love her for it.  Check it out.


And as usual, we want to hear from you, let us know what you think.

Where you can find Velicia:

     WEBSITE –
     TWITTER – @creativeegee –
     A Besitos Bodypainting project-  All my love – less than perfect


Carlos Castellanos is the co-creator of the nationally syndicated comic strip ‘Baldo‘, an award winning illustrator and founder of  His passion to create illustration work on his own terms is rivaled only by his passion to help other illustrators, cartoonists and graphic arts professionals to overcome the roadblocks keeping them stuck and not earning what they want from their creative work.
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10 Responses to Finding your focus as an artist- Interview with Velicia Waymer

  1. Thank you again Carlos and Bob for allowing me to share my focus about the art I’m doing! I hope to be able to share more in 2013. Be well!

  2. Such a fun interview! 🙂 Very inspiring and entertaining. So many little nuggets of advice are scattered through it. I especially loved hearing the stories and how you implemented Carlos advice with success. It’s indeed all about finding clients that appreciate you for what you do…otherwise they’re not worth your time.

    Velicia, you are such a fun lady and I absolutely love your hair color and scarf (I love scarfs haha)! I wish you all the success in the world.


  3. Man.. I’m just a little over half way into listening to this, and Velicia is telling my story… wow.. I am so glad I’m listening to this. Thanks Carlos and Bob !!

  4. I really enjoyed this interview and Velicia’s candid and honest responses. A nice endorsement of Carlos’s coaching, also!

  5. Marty, glad you found it helpful. The truth is, it’s a very common story among all of us creatives. I hope it’s moved you to whatever changes you need to make. Thanks for the comment.

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