Framework Mindmap


Below is a birds eye view of the more important elements needed to become successful at the business of art.

It is my sincere intention that this mindmap will help keep you focused on those areas of your business that have the most meaningful financial and creative return.

You can see the whole map here: Framework

Below I have broken down the mindmap into more manageable components for easier consumption.

1. Define your why:

2. Website

3. Unique positioning:

4. Finding clients:

5. Systems:

6. Pricing and money mindset:

Of course there are many deeper conversations we could have concerning the areas mentioned above, and in time we will explore those as well,  as well as other more advanced elements not shown here in terms of multiple income stream development and structure.

But the goal here is not to overwhelm, but to hopefully give clarity.

So with that said, please let me know if and how this has been helpful or if you have any questions. Feedback is always welcome and I look forward to communicating with you.