Free Photoshop Demo


It’s on like Donkey Kong! (does anyone still that?)

We are less than three days away from our free online Photoshop webinar scheduled for this Saturday December 7th at 3Pm Eastern, live with my buddy illustrator Bob Ostrom and I.

And you’re invited!! FREE!!!

It’s a special project Bob and I are working on and testing, and we need your feedback, and in exchange you get this live Photoshop tutorial free. Man what a deal!

Not only that but we’ll have a live Q&A afterwards to answer any questions you might have regarding  the lesson.

But wait there’s more!

As an attendee you’ll get special access to the recording. Say what!? That’s right : )

Now like I mentioned above, we’re testing out a few things so this is important. Be sure to include your referral code in the sign-up form.  Your  ‘Referral Code’ is:  013


Enough talk. Go sign up  HERE.


NOTE: Space is limited so don’t drag your heels.

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