How To Get Illustration Work – Q&A Wednesday

Welcome to another installment of Q&A Wednesday : )

I must admit, I’m having way too much fun producing these audios. This is like play time.


Todays Q&A comes from talented artist, Velicia.

Velicia is planning a transition from a full-time job as a training developer,  to a career in illustration and design. She has a background and training as a graphic designer and fashion illustration.

So her question is “How do I cultivate work as a fashion illustrator?”

Well, admittedly, Bob and I have no fashion sense or knowledge of any kind. However, we do roll up our sleeves and give her advice that can get her started down the right path.

And to you non-fashionistas out there, the advice we share is applicable to nearly anyone, no matter what style of work you produce or who your intended audience is.

You can visit her site here:

Enjoy. And as always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

UPDATE: Velicia has made improved changes to her site since she last emailed us her question. She welcomes constructive feedback from the Drawn By Success community. Please share your suggestions in the comments below.


Catch Velicia’s follow-up interview with us six months later ‘Finding Your Focus As An Artist’

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5 Responses to How To Get Illustration Work – Q&A Wednesday

  1. You guys make a great team! This was not only informative, but fun to listen to. Thanks for the info you are putting out there!

  2. …thank you Carlos! And yes I am planning to start a Bob Ostom fan club. That being said, I will hone in on the work I really want to attract, namely fashion. I’m going to spend the summer reworking my portfolio and generate more pieces.
    Really, really appreciate your feedback and if you don’t mind I’ll send you a link once I get everything (or almost everything) in place.

  3. I got turned onto Drawn by Success through listening to Carlos interviewing Ann Rea, and have come to LOVE your interviews! I listen to them for support, encouragement, company and education as I work alone in the studio, and I am very appreciative of your work. Love the way Carlos and Bob work together as well.
    Very Fun!
    All the bestest…please keep on keeping on!

  4. Velicia, the first thing I noticed when I looked at your site was a brilliant, gorgeous illustration. Which is just perfectly awesome.

    Happy trails on your new path!

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