How To Sell Your Art Through Social Media-Interview with Artist Natasha Wescoat


What I love most about working on DrawnBySuccess is doing artist interviews. I love connecting with and learning from like minded artists who are committed to defining their own success and willing to do the work necessary to achieve their goals.

It’s with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to post this Hangout with artist Natasha Wescoat. She’s a brilliant artist, her work is vibrant, flowing and energetic. It’s no wonder she’s developed a successful following.

But That’s not all…

Wildflower-DanceTo top it all off she’s one of the more tech savvy artists out there using social media to drive her success. She discusses how she uses on Etsy, Ebay, Pinterest and now Facebook to build her audience and sell more of her work.

Natasha WescoatHow does she do it? Find out in this hangout. You don’t want to miss this one.   BOOM…!


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Find out more on Natasha Wescoat:

WescoatFineArt – Membership site for artists

The Artist Blueprint – Online course – Free 5 day online course to help you get your name out and build fame.

Natasha on Facebook:  

Natasha on Twitter

Links mentioned on the Hangout:

Cory Huff’s  The Abundant Artists


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  1. Another awesome, really informative interview. I don’t know how Natasha does it all? Carlos, you mentioned many artists suffer from feeling ‘overwhelmed’…and I gotta admit feeling a bit of that when taking in all that was discussed…but also, inspired. Thanks, again, you guys. Keep up the great work…on all fronts!

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