Interview with humor Illustrator Fian Arroyo

Fian Arroyo, drawn by success

In this Hangout episode Bob Ostrom and I interview our old friend, humor illustrator Fian Arroyo. Fian is an award winning illustrator who has been freelancing for over 26 years, and I’ve known and worked with Fian for just as long.

He and I actually started out our careers around the same time in the South Florida area. He does some amazing work and in this interview shares his insights on the ever changing illustration market.

Fian talks about:

  • The current state and challenges of the illustration market
  • Moves he’s making right now to improve his business
  • His marketing strategy and how he gets the word out to prospective clients about his art.
  • Developing multiple streams of income
  • and a whole lot more

What’s old is new and what’s new is old when it comes to getting your stuff out there.

It’s an ever changing business environment we live in, and your ability to remain agile and recognize new opportunities is key to your survival as a professional artist.

If you ever wonder how the pros do it, and still manage to remain relevant over the course of a 20 or 30 year career, then you don’t want to miss this interview with veteren illustrator Fian Arroyo.

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Thanks so much for watching, sharing, and contributing your voice here. I’m truly blown away by your support and psyched to keep this party going!

Unleash your creative potential.

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9 Responses to Interview with humor Illustrator Fian Arroyo

  1. Hello guys. Really enjoy the wealth of wisdom you put out on these interviews. 2 questions. Is their anyway you could interview Jack Davis and show him on the drawing board working on some art. He is my all time favorite. Also can you guys interview each other. Both of you have great careers that is still going strong. Both of you must be doing something right.

  2. Hey Carlos and Bob. Fun interview with Fian, I really enjoyed it while I’m working here. Keep up the great work with your Friday Hangout interviews they’re very entertaining and informative!

    Now off for a steak and a movie! ;~)

  3. Hi James, wow, Jack Davis, that’s a tall order but I’ll try. He’s one of my cartooning idols as well.

    We’ve interviewed each other in the past. Here’s my interview with Bob Bob also interviewed me several years ago for Creative Independence: and also here: We’ll have to do more current interviews.

    Thanks for the suggestion and for sharing. This your community, we appreciate your participation. : )

  4. Hi Terry, thanks for tuning in, much appreciated. I’ve been a huge fan of your work for many years. Let’s get you on the show. You up for it?

  5. Hey Guys… spending my Saturday afternoon doing misc stuff in the studio while catching up on your Friday Hangouts. The series is a fantastic idea, especially when I get to hear the thought process of other artists that I’ve been following on social media, like Fian and Natasha Westcoat. Great job…looking forward to future episodes

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