Interview with Sherm Cohen

Interview with Sherm Cohen

Ren and Stimpy, Hey Arnold, Sponge Bob, Phineas and Ferb, what do theses cartoons have in common? The answer (aside from being Carlos and Bob’s  favorites) is Sherm Cohen. Sherm has worked on all of these as well as many others. Sherm Cohen is a story board artist and he’s one of the best. In this interview Sherm reveals everything you ever wanted to know about the ins and out of storyboarding.

Aside from being an excellent stroyboard artist Sherm also enjoys sharing his wisdom. If you’ve ever wanted to ask Sherm a question about storyboarding here’s your chance, on Saturday, June 25, 2011 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT Sherm will be hosting a live call in Q and A show (for more info please see the links below). If you can’t attend the Q and A don’t forget to check out Sherm’s instructional DVD’s, Storyboard Secrets.

Interview with Sherm Cohen PART 1

Interview with Sherm Cohen PART 2


Other places you can find Sherm:

Cartoon SNAP

Sherm’s Youtube channel

Storyboard Secrets Website

Live Qand A event (limited space so sign up soon)

Deviant Art



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8 Responses to Interview with Sherm Cohen

  1. I can personally vouch for Sherm. Apart from his amazing credits, and above his skill and experience, he is one of the most helpful persons I know. He’s enthusiasm is contagious, and his advice is sage-like. Bound to make a difference in your personal art pursuits, whether you are seeking story-boarding know-how, or other artistic avenues.
    I highly recommend checking already available influence on the web, not to mention assisting this Q&A session. The man knows!

  2. I’m kicking myself that I never asked Sherm Storyboard questions when I had the chance. In the late ’90’s I worked at the other end of Nickelodeon Animation Studios on the Angry Beavers and would wander around the Spongebob crew area, occassionally peeking in on Sherm and saying hi. I had so much respect for him, and was frankly a little intimidated. Looking back, I wish I would have talked with him more. Now we can all get the dvd’s!!
    Always super nice, Sherm probably would have hung out but I was too chicken. What a quality guy!

  3. fantastic interview! what a wealth of knowledge. thanks so much for your time, Sherm! hope to get to work with you some day!

  4. Wow great interview but I am cringing the entire time due to someone typing, starting computer, doing other things that cause noise. YIKES for your guest.


  5. Nice interview! I really enjoyed hearing Sherm’s history as well as his advice.

    Great job all around guys!

  6. Sherm is extremely nice in person, and has more than once taken the time with me to go over my storyboards and even quickly sketch out ideas or variations on how to improve my work. Class act all the way!

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