Interview with Renowned Character Designer and Artist’s Advocate Stephen Silver

Interview with Renowned Character Designer and Artist’s Advocate Stephen Silver

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From humble beginnings drawing caricatures at Sea World in San Diego, to starting his own illustration company called Silvertoons and being hired by the likes of Warner Bros. Television Animation as a character designer.

Join children’s book illustrator Bob Ostrom and I live as Stephen Silver shares with us his secrets to success in building and maintaining a successful art career, even in today’s highly competitive environment.

Stephen has designed characters for Disney Television Animation, Sony Feature Animation and Nickelodeon Animation, designing characters for shows such as “Kim Possible“, “Danny Phantom” Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” the animated series, and many more.


He’s the author and artist of 6 self-published books on the art of sketching, character design, caricature and life drawing and most recently an app called Posebook by Silver. In addition to working freelance he also teaches an online character design course and has recently opened his own offline learning studio, Silver Drawing Academy.

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8 Responses to Interview with Renowned Character Designer and Artist’s Advocate Stephen Silver

  1. Great interview guys!

    Carlos just so you should know, the mic on your earbuds is perfectly level with the collar of your shirt causing that static sound interference which is the head of the mic rubbing against it.

    Thanks for posting!


  2. CS Murphy,
    Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for joining us, we appreciate your support.

    My earbuds don’t have a mic on it. I’ve used these before without static. I was however trying to monitor several sites that were hosting the video so I am thinking that might have been causing the problem : (

    I’m hoping it wasn’t too distracting.

  3. It wasn’t distracting at all. It did sound like the equivalent of a lapel mic rubbing against shirt.

    Great stuff though guys I’m a first time listener and subscriber and look forward to your next interview!

    Kind regards,


  4. I’d just found Mr. Silver recently. Great interview. I thought it was interesting how much of Stephens outlook is based on an extroverted ideal which would be naturally challenging for a lot of introverted artists. That’s going to take some practice. Negotiations, closing deals, it’s a whole different skill set to learn. I wonder if he covers any of that in his classes.
    The audio quality was a bit distracting. Both of the hosts faded out frequently. Not sure how to improve that. Maybe record to external device instead of through the computer, bypassing any interference? /shrug
    Again, great interview, thank you.

  5. Anything new and out of our comfort zone is going to be challenging and will require diligent practice. Like many artists I am an introvert by nature, it has taken extreme effort and discomfort on my part to become more of an extrovert to achieve my business and personal goals of making a difference. They are all skills you can develop if you choose. Just simply decide to do so, you can do it.

    I would highly recommend looking into joining a Toastmasters club in your area. The experience can be life changing for those of us who consider ourselves introverts.

    I’m not sure if Stephen offers a specifically designed program or series of classes on a systematic approach to the business side of art. Though I assure you it doesn’t take much to get him talking about the subject, and will likely make time to cover the topics in workshops etc.

    Thanks for joining us and for contributing to the conversation.

  6. Awesome. Thank you!! Im Andy, born 1964, a swiss graphic designer stranded 6 years ago in cape town, always have been drawing, designing and painting and stuff.. but never got the guts to get it on a level to make it public and try to do more.. to shy, but this google conference was giving me loads of insights, information and inspiration to try to make more out of my talent.. I hope.;) Thank you guys!!!

    Andy Posner, Cape Town

  7. Great to meet you Andy.

    Decide what you want, and go after it with every fiber of your being. YOU choose. YOU decide. It’s entirely up You.

    Surround yourself with like minded people that will help and support your vision. Stay plugged into communities that inspire you and motivate you every day, that are able to see a bigger version of you than even you are able to see for yourself.

    People that will push you to be all that you are capable of.

    That’s we strive to do here. Welcome aboard my friend and thank you sharing your story.

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