Kicking Your Art Career Into Gear Part 2

In this week’s Friday hangout Carlos and Bob talk about:

• Getting clear on your direction
• Dealing with fear and doubt
• Artistic Burnout
• What does success look like for you
• Being clear on your goals for achieving success

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6 Responses to Kicking Your Art Career Into Gear Part 2

  1. Guys, you touched on a topic that I’m going
    through right now. I call it the “Transition”.
    Great chat:) Thanks!

  2. Thanks for having these Google Hangouts. Very informative. I like how you address the topic of fear. I think it is something that holds a lot of artists back. I know it has held me back for way too long. Things that have held me back are the fear of failure, not being good enough, and comparing myself to all the great illustrators out there. It really makes it hard to focus on what I need to do. I’m really looking forward to the next hangout.

  3. David,

    You’re not alone. Almost every artist I know struggles with the same emotions. It’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to other artists or feeling that your work isn’t good enough. The trick is to find your own voice and your own style and make them work to the best of your ability.

  4. Carlos and Bob:
    You guys are easy to listen to. Articulate, experienced and real. Carlos, I thoroughly enjoyed our chat the other day. I find myself applying the 3-questions you posed before the chat to other commitments I have. I’m also taking a harder look at what it is I want to do with my talent at this point. Looking forward to the next talk. Thanks again! – Bruce

  5. Carlos and Bob
    You’re doing such a great job here – Kicking Your Art Into Gear is very thought-provoking, and really resonates with just about all of us professional cartoonists and illustrators!
    Particularly interesting, this time, was the “if work becomes a drag, get out and do something else, then re-focus” bit – sound advice, but so many of us don’t do that.
    I am now addicted to KYAIG – keep it coming, Fridays have never been so good!

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