Special Bonus Epsode –  Freelancing On Your Terms

Special Bonus Epsode – Freelancing On Your Terms

It’s Your Business. You Make The Rules. Freelance On Your Terms. Stop being a door mat and start being the door knob. Focus on your clients needs and how you can walk them through to what they want most, while staying true to your own needs as an artist and business owner. Today Bob And I discuss…Continue Reading

Pitfalls of Avoiding the Price Conversation

Pitfalls of Avoiding the Price Conversation

Are You Avoiding the Price Conversation? Bob and I reach into the ‘ol mail bag for today’s episode and answer a question about pricing. Too often artists are shy about pricing. We talk about how to be more upfront when negotiating price and strategies you can use to offer your clients more value and a…Continue Reading

Friday Hangouts – 3 Marketing Tips That Will Get You More Clients

The biggest mistake most independent artists make is to neglect or ignore their marketing all together. Nothing will sink you business faster. In today’s episode Carlos and I discuss the importance of marketing and offer a few tips to help you get more clients. As always we love to hear from you guys and how…Continue Reading

How To Fund Your Next Art Project With Kickstarter. Interview – Antrese Wood

How To Fund Your Next Art Project With Kickstarter. Carlos and I get together with plein air painter Antrese Wood to talk about her recent successful Kickstarter campaign. In this interview Antrese discusses how she used to Kickstarter to quit her job and pursue her dream.  It’s not easy to quit a comfortable job like…Continue Reading

Interview with MAD Artist Illustrator Tom Richmond

Mark Your Calendar Friday May 16, 11:00 – 11:45 AM EST In this interview we have the great pleasure to speak with the one and only Tom Richmond. Tom is an award winning freelance humorous illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist whose work has appeared in numerous national and international publications as well as major advertising campaigns,…Continue Reading

Dealing with Burnout and the Time Management Train Wreck that Follows

  In today’s episode Carlos and I talk about burnout. Sometimes we get so busy with all the things we need to do to successfully run a business we forget to give ourselves a break. Being creative is a lot of work and balancing the demands of a busy schedule can get pretty stressful. Stress…Continue Reading

Friday Hangouts With Carlos and Bob – Social Media Content

Whatever you do, don’t come check out our stuff… Start a conversation instead! Have you ever hopped on a social media site like LinkedIn or Facebook only find everyone just asking you to check out their stuff. At worse it’s full of artist trying to sell their art to other artists, at best just fishing…Continue Reading