Prosperity for Artists-Interview with Financial Expert Miata Edoga

As a self employed creative professional, learning how to successfully manage your finances is an absolute MUST for the longevity and success of your business, yet it is one of the MOST neglected.

If you are an artist, struggling finacially because of fear or lack of knowledge when it comes to your money, then this interview is for you.

Carlos and Bob speak with Miata Edoga president and founder of Abundance Bound, who’s mission is to empower and unite a Movement of Artists—all financially secure and confident—pursuing their passions free from the humbling weight of poverty consciousness.

In this interview Miata addresses:

  • Why artists tend to be fearful of taking control or their finances.
  • Ways that self employed artists can finally take control of cash flow
  • Strategies to avoid the feast or famine roller coaster cycles in your business
  • Trying to make a living in an environment that does not alway provide steady opportunity.

Make sure you grab your note pad because Maita helps us clear the clutter and focus on setting up a financial system that supports your ability to thrive as an artist.


  • How to handle debt to achieve your goals
  • How to avoid bad debt that can rob you of your creative freedom
  • Strategies to earn more money so you can focus your energy on the things you want
  • Making your money work hard for you, so you don’t have to

Miata Interview Part 1

Miata Interview Part 2


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