Q&A Wednesday – Testimonials for Freelancers

Welcome back to another Q&A Wednesday video.

Many artists don’t use testimonials much. However, they’re missing out on a great opportunity. Testimonials are one of the most effective (and affordable) marketing tools you can have, plus, a heartfelt testimonial from a happy customer is invaluable.

Why? Because having someone ELSE say how wonderful you are beats the pants off of, and is more believable and assuring to prospective clients, than YOU saying how wonderful you are. Make sense?

Now before we get to the video, let me just say that I had a house full of kids on the day this was shot. So don’t mind the hi-jinks.


Here are a few more suggestions that will help you get testimonials from your customers.

You gotta ask

Let’s face it, even the happiest customers will rarely send unsolicited praise, so if you want a testimonial you have to ask for it. Personally call or email your best clients to request a testimonial.


Say what…

Have you ever noticed most positive feedback from customers happens on the fly. The next time a customer praises you on the great work you did, ask this golden question, “Can I quote you on that?” Then write up their quote, email it to them for their approval, and badda-bing! You’ve got a great testimonial!


A picture is worth a thousand words

Whenever possible, ask for your client for a picture you can use along with their testimonial, or better yet, get a video if possible. You can share the videos on your website, Youtube page, Facebook page and even in your emails. And it doesn’t have to look professional, videos taken with a flip camera, or built-in isight or any other source is fine. Studies show that video testimonials go a long way towards establishing trust with potential clients.


Seek neutral territory

Ok, so what if your prospective client is a bit more jaded and doesn’t exactly trust everything they read on your site? After all, it’s controlled by you. Answer, seek testimonials and praise on third party sites like Twitter, Facebook, blog entries and or forum comments. Testimonials gathered this way can be incredibly powerful. You can then add a live Twitter feed to your homepage or link to blogs and other places where your clients have left favorable comments.


P.S. In keeping withe subject of todays post… if you like the post or have been moved to action and getting results from any of the content we share with you here on DBS, why not leave a testimonial right here in the comments section, or via twitter. We would really appreciate it and it would be nice to know how we are making a difference.

Thanks in advance  : )

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