Quick Follow Up Tip-Live From Washington, D.C.

It’s Thursday night and I just arrived in my hotel room at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel in Washington, D.C. where I’m attending Lloyd Irvin’s MMA Millionaire marketing seminar. It’ll be an all out, 9:00AM to 12 midnight marketing marathon.

In the video below I share a really good tip for following up with people you meet at these multi-day away from home events. Don’t miss it because it’s a real time saver, and a smart strategy.

Was it helpful? Do you have a few tips up your sleeve you’d like to share. Let me know, leave a comment below.

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8 Responses to Quick Follow Up Tip-Live From Washington, D.C.

  1. Carlos, I also like to attend seminars on business that are NOT art related – because business skills and tips apply to ALL businesses, including art.

    Great tip here – write out thank you cards BEFORE leaving your hotel. You’re so right. I’m going to start doing this!

    Also, investing in yourself. Key to success for everyone in every field.

    PS: Hope you have good air conditioning back there in D.C. – it’s HOT there!

  2. Hi Maria, On those multi-day seminars, I’ve actually had people arrive home after a long event and had my thank you note waiting for them. They’re like “How did you send this out so fast?.” I think it helps make a stronger, lasting impression on them.

    Yeah they had good AC, but D.C. wasn’t nearly as hot and muggy as it was in South Florida.

    Bob, there was a lot of good information and I wrote plenty of notes. Highlights coming soon : )

  3. Carlos, just watched your video and already find an area in which I’ve been neglectful – the all important “thank you” notes. I’m a visual artist (painting primarily in oils) and also the author of three novels. As an artist yourself, I’m sure you’ve gone through the period of wanting to create your art and leave the business side to someone else. In reality, we need to do both, as you have pointed out. The PBPost article was great. I’ll be watching for more insight and tips from your site. Thank you also for entertaining us with Baldo.

  4. Hi, I’m an Artist Oil Painter and I thank you for sharing information that many of us don’t really think about…………..but need to!
    Thanks for the inspiration,

  5. Investing in yourself is a must as we have always discussed. Just did it in May with a trip to NYC to check out the Surtex show…great investment! I usually do the thank you cards right when I get back before I do anything else but while you are still there is even better….thanx!

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