Artistic skill, creativity, personal style and the ability to perfect yet another creative technique is seldom the roadblock keeping most artists broke. What holds us back is precisely what this book is focused on and addresses so brilliantly. It’s a universal truth that applies to all business and professional endeavors including artists.

This book addresses what I have found in my over 26 years as a working illustrator and creative professional, hinders most artists from experiencing the level of success they most desire.

 In this book I have co-authored with marketing and business-building gurus Dan Kennedy and Andrew J. Cass, we deliver deliver ‘the ultimate resource’ for action-oriented individuals seeking to maximize their income and develop competitive advantages that will endure the toughest of times.

 In addition to the timeless wisdom of the authors, this updated edition of The Ultimate Success Secret profiles 11 other super-achiever colleagues and mastermind members of mine from the South Florida area, representing a wide spectrum of business and experiences. You will learn their specific success strategies they’ve used to build the businesses and lives of their dreams.



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Carlos Castellanos
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