Growing Your Art Project Opportunities-Show Me Da Money

Want fries with that?


PrintYou’ve likely heard that question if you’ve been to any fast food joint.


In marketing circles that’s called an ‘upsell’ or ‘cross sell’. It’s a effective and POWERFUL strategy that can significantly increase your income.


So a customer or client comes to you looking for a specific product or service, and you find out and offer them additional things they may want or need that they didn’t initially ask for, or know enough to consider. That’s an cross-sell or in some cases an upsell.


Every successful business has some form of upsell and/or cross-sell in place in their sales process. Yes, even artists can implement this strategy. Do you? If not, it is costing you BIG time in terms of income, opportunities and becoming more valuable to your clients.


Many artist may feel funny about working this strategy into their sales conversation, feeling it may be too salesy or pushy.

But the truth is, that if approached correctly, you are ACTUALLY helping your client by offering additional solutions to their problems.


That’s what Bob Ostrom and I talk about today in this weeks Hangout. Now be forewarned the audio was a bit less than stellar as I had a bad connection.


Do you use this strategy already? Do you feel weird about?  We want to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below



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4 Responses to Growing Your Art Project Opportunities-Show Me Da Money

  1. Hi Carlos/Bob,
    You guys are awesome! I discovered your site a few weeks ago and your videos and emails have been an inspiration to me with your common sense ideas and info for full time art professionals. I wanted to share something that we have done in our weekly networking group that goes along with what you were talking about. We have started a marketing/design subgroup from the main group for about six of us who are in related businesses. We have myself, a web designer, sign shop owner, magazine publisher, social media expert, and promotional products rep. We have lunch and talk about the business, and discuss ways we can help each other. Hi-five to you guys for talking about this! Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Carlos and Bob – thanks for the great discussion! I have a design background and work as a freelance designer. I am starting to focus more on illustration and would like to do that as my main business. I can see where offering (and learning) more skills and/or services will add more value to your business. I also heard that being a specialist is the way to go. Clients will see you as the expert and know you’re the go-to person for the skill or service you offer. So, is it best to market yourself as a specialist then offer additional skills or is it best to market yourself up front to clients that you offer a variety of skills? I appreciate your thoughts on this and appreciate your weekly discussions! Thanks guys!

  3. Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to share that. Keep us posted on how your illustration endeavor goes. Continued success and thanks for watching, we appreciate having you as part of the discussion.

  4. Hey Mark, thanks for tuning in we really appreciate your contribution. Congrats on being proactive in organizing your own small mastermind group, it’s a great way to leverage each others resources and experience. Keep us posted and continued success my friend.

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