Where’d My Time Go? Friday Hangout with Carlos and Bob

Where’d My Time Go? Friday Hangout with Carlos and Bob

Ever have a project or something you’ve been wanting to get started or completed? You know, a new series of cool illustrations for print, or a new line of designs for licensing, or perhaps something really crazy and fun like you marketing plan?


No matter what it is, we all have things we let slip through the cracks. Hey, it’s natural. There are only so many hours in the day, we can’t do it all.


Know Your Goals And Prioritize

But we can prioritize the things we need to get done so that we are focused on those tasks that are in alignment with our goals and have the most significant impact on your life.


But what happens when we allow outside influences to derail us? Personal story of one such occasion in the video below as well as other related topics.


Bottom line, you need to protect your time. Your time is the most valuable asset you have. In this hangout we share a few strategies for staying on task, getting things done and protecting your time.


Let us know, what you do to stay on task or keep from wasting time or getting distracted?


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