Be inspired

Ok, admittedly I’m an exercise nut. Anyone who knows me, knows I love the rush of getting my body in motion, being physically active and working up a serious sweat.

I enjoy pushing myself and measuring my progress.

Physically moving your body through space and time requires raw effort. You can’t simply think and dream about what you want to achieve and change in your body. You have to exert effort, move mass, push through your own perceived limitations and endure exhaustion and discomfort.

In short, in the end it makes me feel vibrant, driven and alive. It clears my mind, helps me be more creative and allows me to think more clearly.

Below are a few of my favorite motivational videos. I listen to them while working out, running. And yes, I often listen to them while drawing and working on my creative work.


I hope you find as much inspiration in these as I do. And I hope it inspires you to step away from your drawing board or easel on a regular basis to fill your lungs with fresh air and get your blood flowing aggressively through your heart, limbs, and mind.

Carlos Castellanos