We Love To Celebrate Our DBS Community and Client Success

I can always count on Carlos to deliver the information and insights I need to make massive improvements in my business. In a recent coaching call, Carlos showed me how to position a proposal for a new project that had come across my desk in such a way that I could double the fee I was thinking of charging, and helped me put an extra $2,500 in my pocket.  It was absolutely brilliant!

Here’s the real eye opener. I later found out from the client that he had three other quotes he was considering that were all at least $2,000 less than my fee. And I still got the gig.”

Fian Arroyo


I was at a turning point in my personal and professional life.  My day job wasn’t fulfilling my desires enough to grab my attention or even fuel the motivation needed to jumpstart my creative engines.  The old adage, “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results” kept ringing in my head. Even I was getting tired of hearing my complaints about why I couldn’t become a full time artist! 

So I decided it was time to do something different. ASAP.

Enter Carlos Castellanos! In my mind he ought to be a costumed super hero! Coaching isn’t an easy vocation let alone coaching creative clients. Carlos lights a fire beneath you and shows you how this time your results will be EXACTLY what you want and most of all need.

Carlos cuts to the core of your hangups and makes you think hard about what you’ve never even considered to be a factor for you as an artist. His feedback is invaluable when hashing out my ideas during our monthly calls and find him to be an excellent source of accountability. He makes himself available when I’ve got questions and gently prods me to take the action needed to move to the next level.

I’d say that Carlos continues to be the solution I was looking for. My advice? If you want to break out of the inertia, push past the procrastination and begin to really get clarity on how you can make a living at being an artist, call Carlos. Call him now!”

Velicia Waymer


Carlos showed me how not being more organized and not having a clear weekly calendar was costing me in time and income. I now realize how improving my understanding of business and marketing is an investment in myself, and how I must be willing to invest in those areas that are holding me back. Carlos not only has a great understanding of the industry, but can articulate a plan of action for an illustrator at any stage in their career.”

Nicholas Jackson


Carlos got me focused and provided me with a renewed sense of confidence. He helped me figure out exactly what direction I need to go in with my work, and what immediate action steps to take to get to where I want, need, and should be. I am now making a list of who I need to target right now, and this time, I’m not over-thinking things to the point of self-sabotage. I’m making progress and getting things done.”

Ray Caspio


After personally observing some of the best coaches in the world, Carlos has exhibited the ingredients necessary to get an individual on the right track. He provided me a clear path and the motivation I needed to experience success in reaching my goals.”

Dr. Spencer H. Baron


I have to say that Carlos is one of those rare people you come across that have a way of inspiring artists to think BIG. He is sincere in his approach, vastly talented and eager to share his experience with others.

Carlos’ positive attitude is captivating and admirable.

In one hour, Carlos gave me practical, useful, honest information that has given me the confidence to pursue and market my work in a professional manner, and in ways I’ve never even considered. His expertise, coupled with his enthusiasm truly helps elevate people to where they want to be.”

Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk
Suburban Sarah Comics
Pet Portraits


Carlos is an amazing coach. He completely understands what it is I am trying to achieve in the different stages of my various internet projects and always offers suggestions to avoid pitfalls and achieve the benefits I want.

He is very knowledgeable about offline/online marketing and thinks three steps ahead. My success this year is due to Carlos and his excellent coaching. I’m very grateful for his continued patience, support and expertise in helping me achieve my business goals.”

Dr. Tatiana Habanova
Pilates Rehab Practitioner


This  time last year I was at what I believe to be my lowest in despair. This year, after having started coaching with Carlos I feel like I have hope. Work has increased and I have been slammed.

I now have doubled my fees from where they were last year and clients are paying it.

I have so much going on for the next month or two, that I turned down a temp gig within a very large Computer company’s gaming devision. That made them want me even more. Lol. One reason I turned it down aside from time was the money. It was going BACK to my entry level pricing that Carlos helped me break free from.

Having the confidence to charge more and even turn down clients is a powerful state of mind.”

Drew Pocza


I can honestly say the experience of working with Carlos, even in just the first few weeks has already been very rewarding.

As a coach, Carlos has made himself very available to me, taking the time to address my many questions, and has been very helpful in addressing my fears, concerns and small victories in a way that has been supportive and instructive. He is not afraid to share his own personal experiences and is open and upfront with me, which is refreshing and appreciated.

He’s helped me identify multiple ways to drastically increase my client base and helped me change my pricing structure enabling me to double the rates I was charging for my services without any noticable decline in orders__He doesn’t do the work for me but has helped me lay out a plan of action and continues to walk me through it in such a way that I can see how, if I do my part, significant changes will continue to take place.”

Bucky Jones


Carlos has completely changed the way I look at my business. When I first met him I ran my business the way most artists do, focusing too much attention on improving my artwork and not enough attention to marketing. I was constantly rebuilding my website, upgrading my portfolio or trying to find a new style.

I was almost completely ignoring the part of my business that needed the most help. I came to realize that after 20 years and having my art published in over 200 hundred books, I was still trying to prove myself as an artist. My focus needed to shift.

No successful artist can expect to thrive without understanding and addressing basic marketing. 

Working with Carlos and listening to the incredibly talented list of artists we’ve interviewed has been one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done for my business. By working with Carlos you will not only come to understand marketing but you will quickly be able find new and innovative ways to improve your business as well.

When it comes to your career there are some things you can’t afford to ignore trust me when I tell you this is not one of them.”

Bob Ostrom