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Paint Parties to Cash Flow-Interview with Artist Heidi Easley

Heidi Easley lost everything in 2007 and used art to heal her soul and created custom painted surfboards, selling over 1000 of them in two months. She later started successfully holding paint parties to

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Bob VS Google and Paid VS Free

Paid VS Free Bob here, Earlier in the week I had planned on tagging a little Illustrator demo to the end of this Friday Hangout. My plan was to let everyone know I am now offering weekly Friday online

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Protecting Your Work As An Artist: Interview With Attorney Zack Strebeck

Today Bob and I speak with attorney Zack Strebeck about legal questions you have as an artist about your work, protecting your rights, staying out of legal troubles when it comes to others right. Some

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5 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

During the holidays business for most artists seems to slow to a crawl. Clients are away on vacation, no one is returning phone calls or email, it’s just the nature of the beast. There’s no

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Where’d My Time Go? Friday Hangout with Carlos and Bob

Ever have a project or something you’ve been wanting to get started or completed? You know, a new series of cool illustrations for print, or a new line of designs for licensing, or perhaps something

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To Spec or Not To Spec, That Is The Question

“Should I accept spec work?” That’s the days question.Hop on board this ‘Friday Hangout with Carlos and Bob’ as we explore the topics. Our answer may SHOCK you… Boo!Let’s

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The $2,000.00 call! Interview with Brad Gosse, Founder of Vectortoons.com

Today we had the true pleasure and privilege of speaking with Brad Gosse founder of VectorToons.com. This is the kind of interview that doesn’t come around too often, jam packed with all kinds of

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Studio Talk With Carlos and Bob

Thankyou for joining us on another episode of ‘Friday Hangouts with Carlos and Bob’ Today we talk about Bob Ostroms’ recent SCBWI North Carolina Conference event where Bob was a featured

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