5 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

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During the holidays business for most artists seems to slow to a crawl. Clients are away on vacation, no one is returning phone calls or email, it’s just the nature of the beast.

There’s no sense in tormenting yourself over it.

One of the problems is we sometimes don’t maximize our downtime as well as we could. Without projects on the table to keep us focused, we veer off in different directions trying to fill time, doing things we ‘feel’ we should do, but may not yield the best return for our down time in terms of what we want to accomplish in our art and in our business.

The key here is not activity, but the RIGHT activity.

Today we discuss 5 areas you can focus on that will yield the biggest benefits for you when the season ends and clients are ready to work with you again.

Where’d My Time Go? Friday Hangout with Carlos and Bob


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