Behind Syndication Door Secrets Revealed

I very often get questions regarding syndication, marketing, illustration, pricing and everything in between from aspiring cartoonist and illustrators. A few days ago I had one such artist contact me with some questions about her online web comic.
We covered quite a bit of information so hopefully you’ll get something valuable out of our conversation.

Some of what we covered:
• My personal journey into syndication
• Submitting to syndicates, the process and things to watch for in the contracts
• Self-syndication and marketing
• Usage rights in magazine publications
• Building value into your work
• Yikes, the dreaded “Web vs. Print” business model (ooh… what a can of worms this’ll be. Just my two cents)
• Can I use trademark names of actual businesses and celebrities in my strip? Say, Starbuck’s vs. Star schmuck’s?

Syndication Secrets pdf

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