Special Bonus Epsode –  Freelancing On Your Terms

Special Bonus Epsode – Freelancing On Your Terms

It’s Your Business. You Make The Rules. Freelance On Your Terms.

Stop being a door mat and start being the door knob. Focus on your clients needs and how you can walk them through to what they want most, while staying true to your own needs as an artist and business owner.

Today Bob And I discuss delegation and defining your own work terms. As a professional artist it is up to you to dictate how you want to live and work. Take the time to identify what you truly want out of being an illustrator, and don’t be afraid to ask for the things that will get you there.

As in any relationship, it’s up to you to set expectations and train your clients on how you expect to be treated.

So pay attention cause we dropping knowledge, BOOM!


What has been your experience in setting your terms?

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