Secrets to Art Licensing Success – Interview with Tara Reed

Secrets to Art Licensing Success – Interview with Tara Reed

An Interview With Art Licensing Expert Tara Reed.

This week Carlos and I had the great privilege to talk with art licensing expert Tara Reed. Tara talked about what it takes to thrive in the competitive field of  art licensing. As with most art based professions things have changed a lot in recent years and it’s no longer enough to just be a talented artist. Tara discusses how creatives must also understand marketing, promotion and business. Tara also talks a little bit about mindset and the ability to overcome fear and doubt.

A leader in her field Tara also is also a coach and a teacher. Her websites and blog are loaded with information about the field of licensing. For those who are serious about getting into licensing Tara will be starting a new program over at the Art Licensing Academy starting October 8, 2014.

Catch the REPLAY of the interview with Tara in the link below

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More about the program:

Week 1 – You and Your Art.
Focus on mindsets for success, building a plan for your business and organizing your portfolio for licensing.
Learn to design in a way that increases your chances of getting licensing deals.

Week 2 – Who You Are and How to Promote Yourself.
Get clear about what makes you unique and how to communicate your message – in person, by phone, online and more.
Gain the confidence to talk to manufacturers or approach an agent.

Week 3 – Time Management, Marketing and Nourishing Your Network.
Focus on creating supportive habits, how to market your art and building a solid network and environment to set yourself up for success.

Week 4 – The Legal Side of Art Licensing.
Contracts are the cornerstone of how business is done in art licensing – and you can severely cripple your business if you don’t understand what you are signing and how to negotiate a win-win deal.  Copyrights will also be covered.

• If you are interested in signing up for Tara’s new program we’ve placed a link at the bottom of the video for your convenience. Just use that and tell Tara, Bob and Carlos sent you! Please note this is an affiliate link. Carlos and I only stand behind programs we strongly support

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