From Idea to Market-Step-By-Step with Radha Agrawal


Have you dreamed of creating your own series of interesting characters to bring to the market place, but not sure how to make it happen? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Be prepared to think BIG.

In this interview
Film Producer Radha Agrawal discusses how she created Super Sprowts a children’s media company dedicated to teaching good health and nutrition to children via her Super Sprowtz characters. Beginning with 3 basic principles Radha explains how she was able to raise over $600,000 and bring her vision to life.

The idea
Super Sprowtz came about when Radha identified a need in the market place to educate children about health and proper nutrition. Alarmed by what she saw as a growing obesity epidemic among urban children, Radha became deeply committed to changing the way children eat. One of the menus she designed for Slice, an all-natural organic pizzeria started by her and her twin sister, inspired her idea to create the Super Sprowtz. This, combined with her years of experience in story-telling as a commercial and film producer led her to create the Super Sprowtz. Super Sprowtz is now a growing property that includes books, apps, dvd’s, games, singing puppets, and a website, all using a teaching method Radha like to call vegucation.

We focuses on the process Radha used to take her idea from concept to market. Starting with three simple questions, why, how and what Radha was able to make it all happen and happen big.

  • WHY – A growing obesity problem among urban children stemming from a poor diet and unhealthy foods.
  • How –  Create a children’s media company to promote good health and nutrition for kids.
  • What – Children need to learn about proper nutrition and good health by using entertaining story lines, catchy music, and lovable characters. If children can see vegetables and nutrition differently then they will be more open to eating healthier foods.

Watch the interview below:

From Idea to Market Step-by-Step with Radha Agrawal from DrawnBySuccess on Vimeo.

*** Radha has also generously shared with us several key components of her marketing package to assist you in building your own-


Thank you Radha for generously sharing your amazing story.

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9 Responses to From Idea to Market-Step-By-Step with Radha Agrawal

  1. I am an artist, minister, engineer and literary editor in Detroit, Michigan. I commend you for the energy and determination I observe in your work. I wanted to encourage you and thank you for all that you have done for the kids. Keep up the great work. If you get a minute check out what I have begun to create to help entertain and educate the little angels. Durk.

  2. Thanks Andy and Durk.

    Radha is one of those really amazing individuals that just really light up the world. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met this vibrant and brilliant soul.

  3. “Very good is not good enough.”

    BAM! That really shouted out to me. It’s a hard truth, but there it is.

    As my wife and I plan my company’s booth for the Licensing Expo, that’s our mantra. We have so many fun ideas, but ultimately if it’s not going to be seen as remarkable, we toss it out.

    The other thing that stands out (a hard lesson I’m learning), is to find partners to help. Solo only gets you so far. Delegating and sharing my brain can be an excruciating exercise, but I’m trying to grow that part of myself.

  4. Wow – this was a fantastic interview. This is the first one I’ve seen and it blew me away. Radha seems like such a wonderful person and she’s so inspiring!

    Thanks for the great interview, Carlos.

  5. Sorry…was the interview removed ? I clicked on the SuperSproutz link and was taken to their website, which was enjoyable. Kudos to Radha for creating a great property with a great message, but I didn’t see an interview ? Did I hit the wrong link ?


  6. Hi Marty, the video is back up again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. For some unknown reason the video code disappeared from the post.

  7. Hey Jim, thanks for listening and for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Let us know when you have something new to share, we would love to show it off.

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