Interview with Children’s Artist Cyd Moore

Interview with Children’s Artist Cyd Moore

We love to feature artists who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. That’s why we are so fond of children’s book illustrator Cyd Moore.

Cyd is a picture book artist who is extremely passionate about her art and sharing it with young readers. In this interview we talk to Cyd about producing art for kids and why she loves what she does and why it’s important to be passionate about your art. Aside from illustrating children’s books Cyd also speaks with grade school students and teachers both live in person and remotely on her computer using Skype.

Cyd Moore has illustrated more then 40 children’s books including I Love You Stinky Face. To learn more about Cyd Moore or to find out more about her school visits you can find her at her website at:

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  1. Re: School Presentations

    “You have to think, first and foremost, that you are going there to give these children an experience, something new for them.”


    Being married to a highly successful educator, I so appreciate the selfless, giving attitude that is the essence of educational success. It is not about you, it is about them. At all levels.

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