Interview with Drew Brophy

Interview with Drew Brophy

Bob and Carlos talk with famed surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy of Son of the Seas inc. In this interview Drew discusses what he does, how he got his start and some of the things that inspire him. He also talks about how he sells his work with help from his business partner and wife, Maria,

In high school Drew Brophy’s guidance counselor pulled him aside and sternly warned, “Drew, you can’t just surf and paint your whole life.”   He was crushed, because those were the only two things that he was good at.  He was determined to prove her wrong and did he ever. Drew’s art is everywhere and he even has a TV show. Drew Brophy has been a professional surf lifestyle artist for over 20 years.

If you are interested in learning more about Drew and his art you can find him at one of several sites:

Son of the Sea

Drew Brophy




Drew’s TV show

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4 Responses to Interview with Drew Brophy

  1. Art IS a viable career – if only more art inclined kids were encouraged to do what they are drawn to.

    Love the interviews you guys are doing, because they show what’s really possible for creative people.


  2. Hi Guys ,I’m a fan of Drew brophy from India , I love the way he makes art really cool.I recently saw Drew brophy’s Tv show in vimeo and now I heard an interview of Drew thanks to you guys at

    The talks were very inspiring , I got to know a lot of things from you guys. Thanks.

  3. This year has really been the year to examine my life. Where have I been? Where am I now? What do I want and how do I get there?

    I’ve been doodling since I learned how to use a pencil and have dabbled in art my entire life. I love creating awesome looking stuff! It’s time to take this hobby to the next level.

    The Brophy’s and the power of positive thinking have been instrumental in helping me figure out how to approach getting paid for what you love to do.

    I was lost, trying to figure out the gallery world, feeling disheartened. It didn’t feel right… this wasn’t my path. Then I stumbled upon the Brophy’s.

    I’m almost there. A little bogged down in the business end of things… but if I work every day I will get there.

    The most important things I’ve learned:

    1. What you put in comes back to you in so many ways.

    2. Drew: Now it’s just a matter of cranking up the music and putting in the hours.

    3. One of the best ways to grow your online presence is simply having a wealth of knowledge available.

    4. There are like minded people out there. Invest in those people.

    5. ABL: Always be learning. ABD: Always be drawing.

    My thanks to Drawn by Success and Drew Brophy for another great audio.

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