How Important is Social Networking? An Interview with George Coghill of Coghill cartooning

How Important is Social Networking? An Interview with George Coghill of Coghill cartooning

It was 12:30 am the night before a very important deadline when I first met George Coghill. I was working late to make my deadline and I came upon a roadblock. I’m pretty good with Adobe Illustrator, in fact I am an instructor here in Raleigh, but I ran into some trouble that I knew was going to take forever to figure out. With a crushing deadline hanging over my head I jumped on Twitter and threw out an S.O.S. It only took a minute or two before George Coghill threw me a life line. We hardly knew each other but that didn’t matter to George, he stopped what he was doing, met me on an I.M. chat and walked me through the solution.  I hit my deadline and made a good friend in the process. It’s George and people like him that make social media so powerful.

I later thanked George, and as I got know him, found out this was not all that uncommon for him. George is the kind of guy who shares helpful information with the people he interacts with all the time whether it be on line or in person. He also encourages others to do the same. George is an artist dedicated to his craft and dedicated to helping others do the same. If you’re not following Geroge on twitter, facebook or any of the many other places he hangs out I’d highly recommend you do. I’d also recommend you listen to this interview we did with George. I guarantee, like all the interview we do here on Drawn by Success, you’ll come away with a boat load of valuable information.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

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7 Responses to How Important is Social Networking? An Interview with George Coghill of Coghill cartooning

  1. Thanks again for the interview guys, as always it was great chatting. I hope I imparted as much wisdom as I gained by talking with you guys.

  2. Many people discuss the importance of social media as a marketing tool. As a freelance video professional, I’ve found that social media really isn’t that important for getting the word out about your trade. Rather, it is very helpful, as you suggest, as a resource for finding out information. Less and less we are finding that we really don’t need to learn everything, we just need to know how to find the information. And that comes about by asking questions on Twitter and Facebook.

    As far as finding more clients; what works best for me is good ‘ol word-of-mouth. My online presence has helped me validate my profession. People go to my website to see my work and find me to be an active participant on Google+ and Twitter. But those people find me mostly by casual conversation on the street and meeting me on other shoots.

  3. Fabulous interview and tons of wisdom. Took notes like mad. I am a Graphic Design and Illustration professional working for 20 years for the government. Looking to launch my freelance illustration career in 2012. Would love to be able to connect with you George and ask a few questions pertinent to my situation.


  4. Hi Jamie, welcome to the fold. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here and glad you found it helpful. Freelancing and working on your own is incredibly satisfying. However, you must have very clear goals, be TOTALLY committed to doing whatever is necessary to making it work and be successful. If you have any questions just let us know.

  5. Hey Carlos. I am a goal setting maniac so no worries there. Setting up my calendar right now for 2012.

    This year was all about listening and 2012 is all about learning. As Ali Sabet said need to make sure my technical skills are at top form. Just ordered Von Glitschka’s book “VECTOR”. Have my desk all reorg’ed and waiting on my new WACOM Intuos4 large tablet to arrive. And have been back to drawing.

    Other than DBS do you recommend a good illustration publication that talks about both creative and technical? Been slingin’ design for so long I’m out of the illustration loop in a big way. THANKS Carlos!

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