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Friday Hangouts – Q and A Week

Hey Readers, I have to say that these Friday Hangouts are quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of my week. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from you all and want to also thank you for the supportive comments you’ve sent our way. Having the opportunity to hangout with Carlos on Friday afternoons has had a…Continue Reading

5 Ways To Attract More High Paying Clients

Hey Friday Hangout Friends, This week Carlos and I get down to business and give you guys five action steps you can take to find better clients and higher paying work. We had a tough time narrowing it down to just five so we tried to pick a couple of obvious ones and a couple…Continue Reading

Kicking Your Art Career Into Gear Part 3

Kicking Your Art Career Into Gear Part 3 In this episode Carlos and I talk about taking the next step in moving your career forward. Fasten your seat belts kids because this week I have put together a diagram to help artists identify where they are and how to move forward. Here are a few…Continue Reading

Interview with Cartoon Illustrator Mark Marderosian

Interview with Cartoon Illustrator Mark Marderosian

Mark Marderosian is an old artist friend of mine. We met way back in 1998 when I began working for a small toy company in Framingham MA. Mark is an amazingly talented artist and one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met. Our paths have crossed many times in the years since then and I’m…Continue Reading